Monday, November 12, 2007

Why today of all days?

Alright, now, nobody get your hopes up! Let me say from the outset that I don't have any specific immediate plans for this blog. My main reason for setting it up is just to verify the procedure, so I can

a) try to talk my mother into blogging somewhere where anonymous or casual replies are allowed, and

b) fantasise about maybe one day putting some PAN tunes online.

[Update, 15 Nov: ironically, I have now learned that I can't post audio files here! So I guess every blog host has its strengths & weaknesses. Andy suggests Wordpress; maybe they've got everything, I don't know.]

However, I have a heap of marking to do, & an exam to set for Wednesday which is currently in a very early state of preparation. Also, the computer on which I hope to record my PAN tunes is, at this point, still only a prophecy. I will elaborate on everything when able; in the meantime, hopefully no one is reading.

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