Sunday, November 18, 2007

My tunes on

My concubine complained about the font so maybe I'll give Georgia a try. (Georgia the font, that is.)

I've put two tunes on No PAN tunes yet; I'm not quite game to record a whole tune de novo at the moment, but I'm trying to stoke up the enthusiasm. (A lot of enthusiasm is necessary---I've never managed to record a tune without giving up a whole night's sleep.) I so should listen to Andy & migrate to Wordpress before it's too late, because I've now learned that, at, I can put my tunes up, but can't add even short descriptions.

So, the tunes are not here, they are here. But the descriptions are here:

The Two Good Girls and the Two Bad Girls: this
is a monologue my younger daughter extemporised once in the back of the car we used to have, shortly before she turned 3, which I put to music.

The Call of the Mountain Thing: this is a B-grade horror ballad I wrote to try to impress my concubine before we hooked up. (It's one of many things I tried, so this may not have been the deciding factor.) Anyhow, its genesis was the bassline in the chorus, which is vaguely reminiscent of the theme from Grieg's Hall of the Mountain King; geddit?

I know the recording quality is shoddy; sorry, I don't care. I care a bit more about my lack of skill with the instruments, but still not very much. The writing's the side of it that really interests me. Any comments about that, & also about how easy or hard it is to find & listen to the tunes, would be welcome.

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Wade said...

I agree with the concubine on the font. Georgia looks fine. :D

Nice work on the tunes.