Thursday, February 21, 2008

This is an animation I've produced this week to help illustrate a couple of concepts from Operations Research (a branch of ... let's say mathematics). I don't know as I write this whether the image will be shown as an animation. If not, you can probably just download it and open it in Quicktime or whatever. That might be preferable, anyway, since you're supposed to be able to slide the line back & forth with the slider & see what happens. I should compress the image for the web, I know, but I don't know how, sorry.

Loosely, the red lines show the contours of some objective you're trying to achieve, e.g., profit. So the various points on the graph represent various business strategies, and the further northeast you get, the more money you're making. But you can't go into the yellow regions, because of various constraints; each of those lines represents a constraint, probably due to your having a fixed quantity of some resource.

The animation changes one of the constraints, to show how the amount available of that resource affects the profit you can achieve.

Maybe I'd better leave it at that for now!


lizardrinking said...

Well, your blog sure is eclectic, Troy. ;) The Net is a huge distracter, ne?


anglophile said...

I found when I clicked on the graph, it opened a new window and began the animation. I wasn't able to move the slider myself, though.

This is a bit above my head, as it seems to be related to Economics, which makes my eyes glaze over, but nonetheless I found it interesting. Thanks for sharing a bit about what you do!